Learning is important at every age, but it is absolutely critical in young children. When kids’ discoveries at an early age are encouraged and successful, it teaches them to WANT to keep learning. The desire to learn is something that can follow them throughout their entire lives, it will teach them to be successful in future years at school and beyond. At Kids Incorporated, we are offer more than child care in Gilbert, we offer child development.

We believe that creating an open, nurturing environment is a key part of learning. When children feel free to explore, they are more likely to do so. Many child care centers merely focus on social and physical development, while these are incredibly important, it is essential to also allow for intellectual development. In our learning environment your child will receive developments in all areas, not just one or two. Our curriculum includes music, creative expression, reading, science, language development, and so much more. We also offer a wide variety of outdoor activities like gardening, theater, art, sports, and water play just to name a few. Our curriculum helps to teach children how to observe the world around them, listen, and ask questions. We encourage the children that we work with to express their feelings and make decisions.

We will do a lot more than just watch your children, we will help instill in them the skills that they need to be successful people and to reach their full potential. We offer professional and affordable child care in Gilbert that you can feel good about. Contact us today.