As more and more toddlers are becoming experts at Angry Birds, and parents are increasingly depending on educational television to teach their children, a big question has come up among parents and scientists. Is technology hampering our children’s potential? According to the short answer is yes. Screen time, especially when it comes to children under two years old is highly discouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics because the first few years of life is when a child’s brain develops the most and they learn a lot more effectively from a live presentation rather than a screened one. At Kid’s Incorporated Learning Centers we provide you with screen free child care in Gilbert where they can effectively learn and grow.

We provide an incredibly varied curriculum where you child can engage in active, hands-on learning. This type of curriculum will allow your child to develop their creativity, problem solving skills, motor skills, and their desire to learn. Televised educational programs may promise to help your child turn into the next Einstein, but what they really do is hinder them from using and developing their own imaginations. We provide an environment where you child will be taught to enjoy learning and creativity.

At our child care center in Gilbert we focus on providing your child with a well-rounded early childhood education in a fun, positive environment. We welcome parents and encourage your involvement in your child’s education. For more information on our curriculum and our teaching style please visit our website or stop by anytime. We welcome visitors and we are proud to show you what we have to offer.