Learn how Education-based childcare is expected to grow at a faster pace than the overall childcare industry.

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  • $47.2 billion in direct revenue generated within the market-based child care industry is estimated to support about $52.1 billion in spillover or related productivity in other industry sectors for an estimated combined total economic impact of about $99.3 billion in the U.S. (Child Care in State Economies2019 Update, www.ced.org/childcareimpact.)

As a Kids Incorporated franchisee, you can leverage the incredible market growth in the Child Care Service Industry.
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A franchise license allows Kids Incorporated owners to own and operate their own school, giving them a sense of entrepreneurship. Although the franchise agreement requires conformity to certain standards (those essential to sustaining brand value and customer service), individual creativity and competitiveness should be expected by all franchises.


While each Kids Incorporated remains independently owned and operated, franchising implies an inter-dependency that cannot be ignored. All parties to the franchise agreement need to work with each other franchisees to share best practice.