Societies across the world all have many differences, but there is one very important thing that we all have in common –music. People have been creating music since the beginning of time. It helps us to connect to one another, understand our emotions and express creativity. At Kid’s Incorporated Learning Centers, we make it a point to include music as a part of our child care in Gilbert and there are many reasons why. The following is a list of the surprise benefits of music for our children:

  • Kids who study music often have a wider vocabulary and more developed reading skills than their peers who don’t study music.
  • Unlike some other forms of creativity, music has been linked to an elevated earnings potential.
  • Musical children tend to be more cooperative in the classroom, are able to express themselves better, and have more self confidence.
  • Studying music can help our brains to break down and understand language, which makes it easier for musical children to learn a second language.
  • Children who study music are more inclined to have better memory than those who don’t.
  • Studies have shown that children who are musical are predisposed to excel in their other classes, are more likely to stay in school, and are more inclined to pursue higher education.
  • Students who study music have a tendency to do better on standardized exams. In fact they are likely to do around 20% better in math and 22% better in English.
  • On average, schools that have music programs have a graduation rate of approximately 90%, while schools that don’t have a graduation rate of around 73%.